How long do I have to take R.B.I. to see a difference?

macular pigment optical density graphStudies have shown that it takes some time for supplementation to replenish and restore peak macular pigment optical density. While benefits to visual acuity, glare reduction, and focus acceleration may be noticeable after 60 days of supplementation, the greatest game-changing sports vision benefits are usually experienced after several months of taking R.B.I. Vision Performance.

Is R.B.I. Vision Performance safe?

R.B.I. Vision Performance only contains ingredients that hold certified GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status as recognized by the Food and Drug Administration. R.B.I. is formulated with safe, natural nutrients, primarily derived from plant compounds. Perhaps most importantly, every batch of raw materials used in R.B.I. Vision Performance undergoes extensive testing and analysis to ensure that the finished supplement is Banned Substance-Free and compliant with typical anti-doping policies of collegiate and professional sports.

What is macular pigment optical density (MPOD)?

MPOD bar graphMacular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) is a measure of the thickness of pigment in the eye's macula. Greater MPOD is associated with razor-sharp visual acuity, optimal filtering of damaging blue light, and maximum antioxidant protection of delicate eye cells. In addition to offering sports vision benefits, higher MPOD also reduces the risk of degenerative eye and vision problems later in life.

What is visual acuity?

Visual acuity refers to sharpness, detail and clarity of eyesight. Visual acuity is a result of the eye's lens focusing light on the fovea. The fovea is an indentation of the retina's macula where eye cells known as rods and cones are densely clustered. High MPOD levels in the macula and fovea are associated with the sharpest visual acuity.

What is contrast sensitivity?

Contrast sensitivity refers to the ability to see an object against its background. A critical part of sports vision, peak contrast sensitivity enables athletes to react faster -- whether it's seeing a baseball against a bright sky, a tennis serve against a crowd background, or a puck zipping across the ice. The "batter's eye" in baseball -- a dark background in the centerfield bleachers -- is a safety measure that is used to improve contrast sensitivity for the batter at the plate.

What is depth perception?

Depth perception refers to the ability to accurately gauge the distance of an object that is either stationary or in motion. Of critical importance to peak athletic performance, depth perception can diminish with eye fatigue, shifting light conditions and glare. Accurate depth perception often means the difference between a hit and a whiff; a catch and a drop; or a save and a score. R.B.I. Vision Performance features natural nutrition that has been clinically shown to significantly improve many measures of athletic depth perception.

What is blue light?

Part of the visible light spectrum, blue light is a "blinding" frequency that is associated with daytime glare problems for athletes. Responsible for the "veiling glare" and "flash blindness" that can cause athletes to lose sight of balls, blue light can also damage the eye's photoreceptor cells and bring about serious degenerative vision problems. Not all sunglasses protect against blue light. Nutrition found in R.B.I. not only neutralizes blinding blue light, but also defends the eye's delicate photoreceptor cells from damaging light frequencies.

What is a carotenoid?

Carotenoids are organic pigment compounds with powerful antioxidant properties. Known for giving many fruits, vegetables and flowers their vibrant, bright colors, carotenoids are nutritional powerhouses with multiple health-promoting benefits. R.B.I. features the best natural carotenoid compounds for promoting optimal eye health and peak visual function, including FloraGLO brand Lutein, OPTISHARP brand Zeaxanthin and AstaREAL brand astaxanthin.

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