night drivingHumans are not genetically developed to have innate good vision at night as are nocturnal animals. There are several biological limitations to vision at night that impact visual acuity, contrast and depth perception:

- Human cones, which account for the majority of central detail vision, are relatively insensitive in dim light. Most human vision in the dark is provided by the peripheral rod cells.

- In dim light, our pupils dilate. This has the effect of lessening our depth of field focus and creating more spherical aberration due to light striking the peripheral portion of the eye's internal lens.

- Beginning at age 30, the lens nucleus begins to lose clarity and become more opaque. This is a very gradual progression in most cases, leading to significant opacification at age 60 or 70, which is called cataracts.

Because of the inherent difficulties of night driving, which also includes glare from headlights and street lights, there are higher motor vehicle accident rates . Up until now, there have been no beneficial modalities to help with night vision and night driving vision.

Designed for athletes for improved vision during both day AND night, R.B.I. Vision Performance contains ingredients which may lessen the symptoms of night driving difficulties:

-Astaxanthin has been shown to reduce visual fatigue, a common night driving complaint.

- Lutein and Zeaxanthin improve contrast, which are otherwise decreased in dim light

-C3G from European Black Currant has been shown in scientific studies to quicken vision in dim light following exposure to bright light.

-Saffron shortens retinal flicker rates, thus quickening the the time between sight and reaction.

All people who drive at night or night rain can benefit from one R.B.I. capsule daily. It is especially beneficial for those people who drive long hours at night, including truck drivers.

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