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We welcome inquiries from the press concerning R.B.I. Vision Performance, Vitamin Science Incorporated, and Dr. Paul Krawitz.

Our contact information is:

Vitamin Science, Inc.

PO Box 1128

Huntington NY 11743


Toll-Free within USA: 1-800-427-7660

Email: media @ rbivitamins.com

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    100% All-Natural Ingredients
    Certified Banned
    Substance-Free by
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    R.B.I. Vision Performance® is
    certified pure by the Banned
    Substances Control Group
    (BSCG) Program.

    A true anti-doping leader, BSCG provides pre- market, third-party verification that dietary supplements are free of anabolic agents, stimu- lants, beta-2-agonists, diuretics, synthetic drugs, masking agents and any other contaminants.

    Featuring an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory, BSCG is world-renowned for testing and validat- ing sports nutrition purity. BSCG has the lowest threshold for contaminant detection in the indus- try, along with a consistently updated list of new banned substances and designer drugs.