The World's First Sports Vision Accelerator, R.B.I. Vision Performance features science-backed, sight-sharpening natural compounds that have been clinically shown to:

  • - Boost depth perception by 46%
  • - Reduce visual fatigue by 54%
  • - Block 40% of blinding blue light
  • - Increase macular pigment by 36%
  • - Sharpen focus and contrast sensitivity
  • - Reduce glare and "flash blindness"
  • - Promote crystal-clear eye lenses

With multiple sight-boosting biological actions, R.B.I. Vision Performance is a true game-changer for edge-driven athletes! Here's how R.B.I. Vision Performance works within the eye to support superhuman sports vision:

R.B.I. Optimizes Macular Pigment

The eye's macula is responsible for clear, sharp vision. The macula is yellow due to natural pigments that are deposited there. Athletes who don't have enough macular pigment struggle with glare and contrast sensitivity. But when macular pigment is dense and thick, sports vision excels.

R.B.I. Vision Performance delivers a Retinal Baselayer Infusion of pure, natural yellow pigment compounds -- nourishing photoreceptors and thickening macular pigment for superior sports vision performance.

MPOD is Macular Pigment Optical Density

R.B.I. Filters Blinding Blue Light

The sun's short-wavelength blue light damages the eye's delicate tissues and causes daytime glare known as "veiling glare." Casting a bright haze on objects like baseballs, footballs, tennis balls, etc., veiling glare can be a nightmare for athletes. R.B.I. Vision Performance can help.

R.B.I. Vision Performance acts as "internal sunglasses" that filter out blinding blue light -- reducing glare and flash blindness while shielding eye cells.

Blinding Sun and Dropped Baseball

R.B.I. Protects the Lens and Retina

Athletes' eyes can be overrun with damaging free radicals from strain, stress and sun. R.B.I.'s potent antioxidant compounds are drawn like iron filings to a magnet into the eye's lens, retina, macula and fovea -- quenching the free radicals that can hurt sports vision performance.

R.B.I. Vision Performance delivers powerful eye antioxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals, promote lens clarity and protect eye cells.

RBI protects the lens and retina

The biological actions of natural compounds found in R.B.I. Vision Performance combine to promote vision that is sharper, stronger and faster -- providing a powerful boost to athletic performance in any sport!

Visit our Breaking Research page to read about some of the clinical studies backing ingredients found in R.B.I. Vision Performance.

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