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MLB All-Star Josh Hamilton is one of the greatest baseball players alive, but in 2011 his eyes were holding him back. Analysis of the slugger's stats revealed he was batting 100 points lower in daytime. His defense was worse in day games as well. And countless other baseball players -Hamilton, Chase Utley, Mark Kotsay, Andruw Jones to name just a few, have lost popup fly balls in the sun, often costing their teams with game-changing errors.

Soon after, a New York Times article explained why Hamilton -- and countless other athletes -- seemed to struggle with visual contrast, glare and acuity: Lack of macular pigment. The macula is part of the eye's retina that is responsible for "high-definition" vision; the pigment is a yellow-colored layer that protects and promotes sharp eyesight.

In Josh Hamilton's case, even sunglasses and special contact lenses fail to block the bright glare that he attributes for the discrepant low batting average during day games.

The New York Times article on macular pigment in athletes sparked an idea for Dr. Paul Krawitz, a world-renowned eye doctor based in New York. Having already developed several patented vision-enhancing supplements, Krawitz knew that certain natural compounds can replenish macular pigment.

In his formulation, Krawitz combined these plant pigment compounds with science-backed antioxidants, neuronutrients and eye energizers. After a year of research and development, Dr. Krawitz unveiled his formula as R.B.I. Vision Performance, a "Retinal Baselayer Infusion" of nutrients that enhance high-speed eyesight functions.

Billed as The World's First Sports Vision Accelerator, R.B.I. is designed to promote:

  • Faster recovery from glare and "flash blindness"
  • Accelerated visual recognition and reaction time
  • Quicker retinal electrical transmission speed
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity and depth perception
  • High-Speed focusing ability in shifting light conditions
  • Crystal-clear, razor-sharp visual acuity in day and night games

R.B.I.'s biological activities within the eye unlock the full potential of Superhuman Sports Vision for athletes, weekend warriors and spectators across all sports. With R.B.I. Vision Performance, you may:

  • Recognize a 100 mph fastball quicker
  • Identify a curveball's spinning seams sooner
  • See downfield receivers' smallest movements
  • Adapt to light-dark spikes on sunlit courts and fields
  • React to a 135 mph tennis serve sooner
  • Block more 95 mph slapshots and lacrosse shots
  • Gauge the spin of a soccer penalty shot
  • Reduce eye fatigue in late innings and final minutes
  • Find a "lost" golf ball in the rough

R.B.I. Vision Performance is a true game-changer: A safe, natural way for edge-driven athletes to elevate their game and maximize athletic prowess!
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