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R.B.I. Vision Performance® features science-backed, sight-sharpening natural compounds.

R.B.I. Vision Performance is a nutritional supplement advancement for anyone playing baseball, football, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, golf, and more.
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R.B.I. Vision Performance® features science-backed, sight-sharpening natural compounds that are clinically proven. With multiple sight-boosting biological actions, R.B.I. Vision Performance is a true game-changer for edge-driven athletes!

  • Boost Depth Perception by:
  • Reduce Visual Fatigue by:
  • Block Blinding Blue Light by:
  • Increase Macular Pigment by:
R.B.I. Optimizes Macular Pigment
R.B.I. Vision Performance® delivers a Retinal Baselayer Infusion of pure, natural yellow pigment compounds – nourishing photoreceptors and thickening macular pigment for superior sports vision performance

R.B.I. Protects the Lens and Retina
R.B.I. Vision Performance delivers powerful eye antioxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals, promote lens clarity and protect eye cells.
How long do I have to take R.B.I. to see a difference?
Studies have shown that it takes some time for supplementation to replenish and restore peak macular pigment optical density. While benefits to visual acuity, glare reduction, and focus acceleration may be noticeable after 60 days of supplementation, the greatest game-changing sports vision benefits are usually experienced after several months of taking R.B.I. Vision Performance.
"You'll be amazed at the improvement of your vision with the RBI Vision Performance formula."
Paul L. Krawitz, M.D.
President and Founder, Vitamin Science, Inc.
Dr. Krawitz holds several patents and trademarks for nutritional supplements that support eye health.