RBI Quality
Gold Seal Certification from the Banned Substances Control Group is just the beginning of our quality assurance procedures. Following is a partial list of the steps we take to ensure that RBI Vision Performance is potent and effective:

  • Expert Formulation: RBI Vision Performance is formulated by Dr. Paul Krawitz, an eye doctor with multiple patents for innovative eye supplements.
  • Science-Backed Ingredients: RBI Vision Performance only uses nutrients that are backed by abundant scientific evidence from well-designed clinical trials.
  • Superior Raw Materials: RBI only uses reputable raw material suppliers who must regularly pass rigorous testing for purity and freshness.
  • Cutting-Edge Laboratories: We double-check raw materials at our labs with advanced testing equipment – verifying quality prior to manufacturing.
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: Our sterile, stainless steel blending and encapsulating machines yield clean, quality RBI supplements.
  • FDA Compliance: All of our manufacturing and distribution facilities meet or exceed US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards.
  • Independent Audits: We regularly audit our manufacturing facilities with third-party FDA-registered agencies to uphold our high quality standards.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): Our manufacturing plant is certified by the Natural Products Association's (NPA) GMP Program.*

GMP CertificationWhat is GMP, anyway? Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification is an NPA/FDA program that ensures supplement safety and efficacy. GMP covers staff training, cleanliness, equipment maintenance, record keeping and raw material receiving. When you see the GMP seal on RBI Vision Performance boxes, you have assurance that the supplement within was carefully manufactured in a safe, clean environment.

For a complete list of compounds that BSCG tests for, visit bscg.org/index-4.html.

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    R.B.I. Vision Performance® is
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    A true anti-doping leader, BSCG provides pre- market, third-party verification that dietary supplements are free of anabolic agents, stimu- lants, beta-2-agonists, diuretics, synthetic drugs, masking agents and any other contaminants.

    Featuring an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory, BSCG is world-renowned for testing and validat- ing sports nutrition purity. BSCG has the lowest threshold for contaminant detection in the indus- try, along with a consistently updated list of new banned substances and designer drugs.