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Eye Black is Obsolete!

no eye blackEye black was a revolutionary glare-fighting idea when it was first introduced in 1942. Burnt cork smudged under the eyes evolved first into grease and charcoal, and then anti-glare stickers. The unifying theory: Dark color on the cheeks absorbs bright light that would otherwise be reflected as blinding glare into the eyes. But does eye black work?

In one 2003 study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology, researchers reported that eye black seemed to help with glare -- but anti-glare stickers were found to be ineffective. A 2008 Mythbusters special (though hardly a scientific study) found that eye black doesn't work unless you're wearing a baseball hat -- casting further doubt on its efficacy.
Sure, eye black looks cool. It's modern-day war paint; an American sports ritual. But let's get real: Any dubious eye black benefits are external and one-dimensional. Isn't it time we took sports vision enhancement into the 21st Century?

The New Eye Black

Now there's a far more advanced way to optimize sports vision: R.B.I. Vision Performance. Working inside the eye's retina, R.B.I. ingredients act as "internal sunglasses," filtering UV rays and minimizing glare... just like eye black. But R.B.I. does so much more than the old-fashioned black smudges:

  • R.B.I. works in all kinds of light, from blazing sun to stadium lights, and even in low light conditions. Eye black only works in bright light.
  • R.B.I. not only minimizes glare, but accelerates retinal electrical transmission speed, sharpens visual acuity, boosts contrast sensitivity, reduces eye fatigue, improves recovery from flash blindness and more. Eye black just minimizes glare.
  • R.B.I. actively protects the eye's delicate photoreceptors from damaging UV-ray frequencies and free radicals. Eye black is for external use only.

Perhaps the biggest difference between R.B.I. and eye black: Abundant scientific research validates R.B.I. ingredients' effectiveness in fighting glare and sharpening the most critical aspects of sports vision. Eye black is more of an old-time tradition with little evidence to back it up. You can still wear eye black to intimidate opponents. But to enhance your sports vision, you deserve much better: The World's First Sports Vision Accelerator, R.B.I. Vision Performance!

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